Electronics/Electrical Test Solutions

1. Programmable Electronic Load

  • DC Electronic Load
  • AC/ DC Electronic Load
  • Regenerative Electronic Load

When measuring the characteristics of a device that outputs energy, such as a power supply or battery, a load that consumes energy is required. Electronic load devices are devices that use semiconductors such as transistors instead of variable resistors. Electronic load devices using semiconductors can be used as a variety of loads by incorporating a control circuit, since the current and voltage can be varied freely.

We offers DC, AC/ DC & Regenerative types of Electronics Load with wide range of specifications upto 240kW  with choice of Output Voltage & Current. Those E-Loads are designed for testing of different applications or products such as AC/ DC Power Supplies, DC/ DC Converter, EV Batteries, Automotive Charging Stations & Other Power Electronics Component. Also UPS, Off- Grid Inverters, AC Source, Other Power Devices such as switches, circuit breaker, fuses and connectors can be tested.

2. Programmable Power Source

  • AC Power Source
  • DC Power Source
  • AC/ DC Power Source
  • Bidirectional Power Source
  • Regenerative Grid Simulator
  • Solar Array Simulator

We, Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution, offers a wide range of Power Supplies as listed above with variety of voltage, current & power ranges, from small to large capacitance upto 180kW which further can be extended upto 960kVA. All models are capable of arbitrary and variable voltage and current settings, making them suitable for a variety of applications from simple stabilization to integration, testing and evaluation.

The output voltage and frequency can be freely set and changed among all products.

Adopting advanced technology for high-performance Regenerative grid simulator, it provides an all-in-one test solution that can be used not only as a grid simulator and four-quadrant power amplifier, but also as a four-quadrant  regenerative AC/DC electronic load. The full four-quadrant operation, regenerative ability can feedback power to the grid, meet the needs of environmental protection, but also save a lot of electricity and heat dissipation costs.

Such equipments can be use in testing of power components in electric vehicles as well as bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC), bidirectional DC converters, and DC-AC motor drivers and can perform power conversion tests of Li-ion batteries in both charge and discharge directions.

3. Power Quality Analyzer or Power Meter

To analyze AC/DC power source, it requires a lot of parameters. Such as voltage(V), current(A), power factor(PF), Total Harmonic Distortion(THD), Crest Factor(CF), Inrush current, etc. To meet power saving regulation, the standby power measurement must be done.

Those Power Meter can provide the maximum input of 1800 Vrms and 50 Arms and measurement bandwidth of various frequency which can be select as per the user requirement. And it can be easily used for measuring the voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. The standard configuration includes USB, RS232 and LAN communication interfaces and also interfaces for USB-based peripheral devices. Users can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich integrating functions, such as the active power. It is widely applied in test of motors, household appliances, UPS, etc.

4. Automatic Test Solution (ATS)

  • Switching Power Supply ATS
  • Adapter/ Charger ATS
  • LED Power Driver ATS
  • Battery Pack Function ATS
  • BMS Test ATS
  • Battery Charge & Discharge ATS
  • Power Electronics Component ATS

We, Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution, offers wide range of Automatic Test Solution which is the ultimate solution for power electronic testing for all application that listed above. The application oriented system structure makes it the most cost effective test equipment for initial test in power supply production line.

The ATS includes a wide range of hardware choice to perform the relevant tests on the listed applications. Those hardware are AC/DC Sources, Electronic Loads, DMM, Oscillate Scope, Noise Analyzer Short /OVP Tester, Customize Controller n Software. The customize software gives users a flexible, powerful and cost effective test system for almost all types of power supply testing.

The ATS uses a unique test command optimization technology to prevent repetitive control commands from being sent to the system hardware devices. This improve test speed dramatically and makes the solution an ideal choice for both high speed production applications as well as design verification.

Automatic Test System comes standard with an off-the-shelf test item library covering most industry standard power supply tests. Unlike traditional ATE software, users do not need to have programming language background to create new test items. Instead, the system allows users to use pre-compiled test items and to simplify defining test conditions and specifications.

The comprehensive test items cover 7 categories of power supply testing requirements. OUTPUT PERFORMANCE checks the general performances of the UUT. INPUT CHARACTERISTIC verifies the input parameters of a power supply. REGULATION tests the stability of the UUT under varying line- in and loading changes. TIMING AND TRANSIENT measures the transient state during turn-on, turn-off or when events occurred. PROTECTION TESTS triggers the protection circuit of the power supply. Finally, the SPECIAL TEST and the SPECIAL FEATURES provides means to test the most sophisticated power supplies when unique test routines are needed.

5. Oscilloscope

  • Digital Oscilloscope
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • ScopeCorders
  • Voltage & Current probe
  • Logic Probe
  • Oscilloscope Accessories

An oscilloscope is quite possibly the most used piece of test equipment on an engineer’s bench. They are used by electrical engineers or anyone else wishing to measure electrical characteristics of electronic devices. However, you need more than just an oscilloscope to complete your job – you also need one or more oscilloscope probes to make accurate measurements.

From time to time with new innovations, now there are various types of Oscilloscope available in this catageory.

Mixed signal oscilloscopes enable the simultaneous, time correlated observations and analysis of analog with digital (logic) signals, to establish causal relationships between the various areas of a device’s electronics.

A ScopeCorder is an instrument combining a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder into a modular platform designed to capture both high-speed transients and low-speed trends.

We offers all those types of equipments with wide rang eof No of Channels, Bandwidth & Sampling Speed with variety of other feature depending upon the application of the user. From normal to high-performance products, we meets all expectation of our client & user by offering the solutions.

6. Spectrum Analyzer

We, Nanotech TMI, offers wide range of Spectrum Analyzer depending upon required Specification by the user team. Along with the products range for normal application, we also have full-function real-time spectrum analyzers. Which is Ultra Real & optimizes performance. Those equipments  have multi-touch screen with high resolution, it supports various touch gestures. We can also operate it with the externally connected keyboard and mouse. It has the built-in Linux system, and the HDMI interface is available for you to make the communication interface more stable and reliable. It can be widely applied to corporate R&D, factory production, education teaching, and other fields. With excellent performance at an unprecedented price point, the RSA series real-time spectrum analyzer allows you to further improve measurement quality at low costs.

The products ranges adopt the latest digital IF technology in design to deliver high performance and we can get upto 7.5HGz frequency. These specifications reach the international advanced level of the same product category. To meet the demands of different users, these spectrum analysers are also equipped with standard and optional accessories, such as preamplifier (PA), tracking generator (TG), Vector Signal Analysis Measurement Application, EMI Measurement Application, advanced measurement kit (AMK), VSWR measurement kit, teaching kit, VSWR bridge, cables, and converters.

  • Battery Pack/ Module Test Solution
  • Battery Pack Manufacture Test Solution
  • Li-Ion Battery Cell Formation System
  • Li-ion Battery Cell Reliability Test
  • Battery Pack/ Module Safety Test Solution

We, Nanotech TMI, is focused on Testing Solution for various application, and on behalf of our principle, we has been competitive in the electric vehicle (EV) industry to comprehensive test solutions for battery cells, battery modules, battery packs, battery management system (BMS), on-board chargers, DC converters, EVSE, wireless charger, and electrical safety.

We have Trunkey Test Solution for testing of Batteries & those solution includes:

Regenerative Battery Cell Test Instruments & Systems (Charge & Discharge Test Systems, Barcode Binding Equipment, Formation Systems, DCIR Test Equipment, OCV & ACIR Test Equipment, Charge & Discharge Tester, Battery Cell Insulation Tester & Battery Cell Surge Tester)

Regenerative Battery Module/ Pack Test Instruments & Systems (BMS PCBA ATS, Functional ATS, Battery Module/ Pack Test Systems, Battery Pack ATS, Maintenance ATS, Battery Simulator etc)

Battery Cell Production Line Solutions

Battery Cell Multifunctional Automated Optical Inspection System

Battery Cell Insulation Tester

Battery Cell Surge Tester

Battery Charge & Discharge Test System

  1. Partial Discharge Tester

The Partial Discharge Tester is an instrument equipped with AC hipot test and partial discharge detection functions. We can get AC 0.1kV~10kV output, LC 0.01μA~ 300μA and 1pC~2000pC partial discharge detection range for measurement.

This equipment is being used for testing high voltage semiconductor components and high insulation materials & is compliant to the IEC60270-1, IEC60747-5-5 and VDE0884 standard.

  1. Hipot Tester (AC/ DC/ IR/ GB/ LC)
  • AC Hipot Tester
  • DC Hipot Tester
  • AC/ DC Hipot Tester
  • AC/ DC/ IR Hipot Tester

The hipot test is one of the major test items in electrical safety testing. All electrical components and products including transformers, capacitors, power supplies, chargers, and home appliances require hipot testing.

We offers various types of Electrical Safety Tester which includes AC Hipot, DC Hipot, AC/ DC Hipot, AC/ DC/ IR Hipot, AC/ DC/ IR/ Ground Bond Tester & finally All in One AC/ DC/ IR/ GB/ LC which have leakage current testing as well in it.

Depending on the application of the users, we can provide single channel or multi channel upto 10 channels test system to meet the application. All equipments are advanced & digital types in which all test application can be performed by one single click over the panel.

The equipments are useful for Production test for appliances, instruments and information technology equipment in compliance with UL, IEC, TUV and other standards such as EN 60335, EN 60950, EN 61010, CSA C22.2 No.1010.1, UL 3111 and UL 1950, and for Electronic Components tests.

  1. Impulse Winding Tester

Impulse Winding Tester use the comparison of pulse to measure the DUT. The instrument provide high voltage to do the instant pulse test and record the wave. Compare with the golden sample to define the product. impulse Winding Tester combines high & low inductance test technologies, has a maximum impulse voltage of 1000V, and a high speed sampling rate of 200MHz which satisfies most of the test requirements for power inductor products with a wide inductance range from 0.1uH to 100uH. The built-in functions of Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison, FLUTTER Value, LAPLACIAN Value, ΔPEAK or ΔPEAK RATIO, PEAK RATIO and ΔRESONANT AREA functions are able to inspect coils for poor insulation effectively.

The inspection of wound components for production includes the electrical character- istics test and the withstand voltage test of the electrical safety standard. Poor insulation of a coil, which is a common issue that causes layer short and/or short circuit with the output pin during use, can be caused by bad design, bad molding process, or deterioration of the insulation material. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the layer short test on any winding component or coil.

  1. Automatic Test Solution (ATS)

In field of Electrical Safety Tester, we Nanotech Test & Measurement Solutions, have wide ranges of Test Solutions. As Electrical Safety tester contains variety of equipments and based on the application requirement, we also able to offers ATS which supports Electrical Safety testing & function test scanning. The solution contains of AC/ DC/ WV test; IR Test; GB Test; LC Test (all types). Apart from this, it can be expanded for Function Test; LCR Meter; AC/ DC Source; DC Load; Power Analyzer, Noise Analyzer, DMM, Oscilloscope with various computer interface such as RS232, RS485, USB, GPIB etc.

Such advance system is useful for various application such as: House Appliance, SMPS/ Charge/ UPS; Motor Function Test; Large EL Capacitor; PCB; Medical Devices; Line Transformer etc.

As the requirement in Test Standard of the electric products getting increase, so the testing cost thus increasing. Such ATS system helps the manufacturer to reduce the overall cost.

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