Analytical Solutions

We deal in analytical instruments that enable you to understand your materials. Reliable data enables scientists, researchers and engineers to proceed with confidence in research and product development, manage and control manufacturing quality and optimize their output.

In Chromatography range, we have various option which can meet your requirement of testing.

  • Gas Chromatography
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry
  • Liquid Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry

Gas Chromatography: A gas chromatograph (GC) is an analytical instrument that measures the content of various components in a sample. The analysis performed by a gas chromatograph is called gas chromatography.

Principle of gas chromatography: The sample solution injected into the instrument enters a gas stream which transports the sample into a separation tube known as the “column.” (Helium or nitrogen is used as the so-called carrier gas.) The various components are separated inside the column. The detector measures the quantity of the components that exit the column. To measure a sample with an unknown concentration, a standard sample with known concentration is injected into the instrument. The standard sample peak retention time (appearance time) and area are compared to the test sample to calculate the concentration.

Spectroscopy is the use of the absorption, emission, or scattering of electromagnetic radiation by atoms or molecules (or atomic or molecular ions) to qualitatively or quantitatively study the atoms or molecules, or to study physical processes.

In Molecule Spectroscopy, we have products line of:

  • UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy: Spectrophotometers were originally developed for the absorption measurement of liquid samples. In recent years, however, high-precision, high-energy spectrophotometers have hit the market due to the rapid increase in reflection and absorption measurements on solid samples, including semiconductors, films, glass, and absorbing materials. In the meantime, the field of life sciences demands high-throughput analyzers offering high-sensitivity and high-speed measurement of ultra-trace samples. The fields of pharmaceuticals and drug manufacture demand security, audit-trail and other GXP- and FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compatibility functions. Therefore, the spectrophotometer software must also support these functions. Our Principle have develops hardware and software to meet all these requirements.
  • FTIR Spectroscopy: We have variety of FTIR systems boasting high resolution and high sensitivity and a variety of associated instruments, such as an infrared microscope unit, to facilitate automation. These are utilized in a wide range of structural analysis or non-destructive measurement applications, such as to qualify the location of defects on IC chips and other small parts in electronics, electrical, and semiconductor industries, to qualify pharmaceuticals based on the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, to identify vehicles from paint fragments left at crime scenes, or to verify starting materials on beads as a pre-synthesis study in combinatorial chemistry.
  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Spectrophotometers are instruments that measure the optical absorbance (absorption spectrophotometers) and the emission intensity of chemical substances. To determine the wavelength dependency, light from the light source is normally separated into wavelengths by a diffraction grating.

We, Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution, have product range for measurement of sample (e.g., soil, waste or drinking water, bodily fluids, minerals, chemical compounds) to be analyzed for its elemental and sometimes isotopic composition.

There are below Products Lineup for Element Analysis:

Inductive Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy: This analysis method uses a high-frequency inductively-coupled plasma as the light source, and is ideal for the analysis of sample solutions. The ICP Emission Spectrometer has become highly regarded for its speed and accuracy, due to the increase in the number of analyzed samples and analyzed elements in recent years. It is widely used as the official analysis method according to JIS and ISO standards and the Japanese Water Supply Act. This instrument supports an extensive range of analysis from trace levels to high concentrations. It also supports analysis for research and development, automated analysis for production control, and water-quality monitoring analysis for environmental management.

Optical Emission Spectroscopy: Optical emission spectrometers are essential for the quality controls of metals. Our optical emission spectrometers is incorporated as standard to provide powerful support for quality control-related analyses. Such solution or systems provides rapid and accurate simultaneous determination of many elements in metals. For Metal analysis, such technique has been adopted as standard method. Our solution is high performance optical emission spectrometers, utilizing the PDA method as standard, which enhances the accuracy and reliability of analysis. Through high performance Hardware & Software, we are able to make accurate analysis in metal to enhance analysis productivity in quality control and process control in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries.

We provide solutions for R&D and Production purpose which suits a wide application in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, castings, plastics, consumer products and much more.

Our system has a wide range starting from 100kV through to 450kV. The system with Sample Rotating technology allows superior image quality in 2D X-ray and 3D

The energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer irradiates the sample with X-rays and measures the energy (wavelength) and intensity of the generated fluorescent X-rays to determine the type and content of the elements comprising the sample.

As X-ray fluorescence spectrometry permits the non-destructive elemental analysis of solid, powder, and liquid samples as well as rapid, non-destructive testing for harmful elements in printed circuit boards and other electronic devices.

It is widely used by electronics and automobile manufacturers around the world for receiving and shipping inspections and other quality control in compliance with the RoHS/ELV Directive.

Through the RoHS integrated analysis software, the system especially designed for qualitative analysis, utilizing data acquired with energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (EDXRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometers (FTIR).

Those software tools provides the analysis results and degrees of matching by performing an integrated analysis of data acquired with FTIR, and this is ideal results for the identification and qualitative analysis of organic compounds, and data acquired with EDX, which is ideal for the analysis of the elements contained in metals and inorganic compounds. Also we can perform EDX or FTIR analysis separately. The product/ software’s proprietary library (containing 485 data as standard), created through cooperation with waterworks agencies and food product manufacturers, is used for the data analysis. Additional data as well as image files and document files in PDF format can be registered in the library. It is also effective for linked storage with a variety of data as digital files.

Thermal Analysis is an analytical technique used to calculate the Temp & Time on which physical changes occur when a sample is heated or cooled. This technique applies decades of know-how in optical instrumentation to thermal analysis in a novel and unique way. The technique requires minimal sample preparation at maximal tolerance for sample properties. You can determine the coefficient of thermal expansion, glass and phase transitions as well as polymerization for various samples: liquids, gels, pastes, and certain solids.

We, Nanotehch Test & Measurement Solution offers a complete solution of thermal analyzers, like the DSC-60 Plus, which delivers powerful performance with a range of integrated functions, the TMA-60 which offers precise measurements over an expanded detection range, and the DTG-60 which features integrated balance assembly that enables easy, accurate simultaneous TG (thermogravimetry)/DTA (differential thermal analysis) measurements.

Particle systems can be complex, but measuring them doesn’t have to be! We Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution deals with different technologies to characterize particles from the nanometer to the millimeter range. Our solution uses laser diffraction technology to measure the size of particles in both liquid dispersions and dry powders in the micro and millimeter range. Side by side they open up a wide range of possibilities for comprehensive particle characterization. It is widely used in R&D and quality control in industries involved with nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, electronic materials, sintering materials, Li-ion battery electrodes, etc.

Nanotech- TMI provides a complete solution of product lineup of particle size analyzers which combines particle size and image analysis technology to offer complete particle characterization including size, shape, and number concentration.

Also our system nanoparticle size analyzer is capable of continuously measuring changes in particle size and particle size distribution at one-second intervals within a range of 7 nm to 800 μm

The properties of materials are various, and according to the forces at work in the material and the surrounding environment, their behavior differs. Nowadays when product quality and safety are being rigorously pursued, testing and inspection machines offer data which serve to guide the R&D on improved materials and products. High level technologies incorporating precision, electronics, control, optics, sensors, and information processing are concentrated in these tensile testing Machine and inspection machines, producing the evaluation system most suited to the objective of use.

Static Materials Testing Machines: 
Our static material testing machines are specially designed for tensile, compression, and flexure tests, as well as shear and torsion tests, so they are ideal for performing complex tasks in the field of material and component testing.

We offers below range of products:

  • Universal testing machines (UTM)
  • Time and creep testing machines
  • Torsion testing machines
  • Biaxial testing machines
  • Testing machines for sheets metal forming

Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems:

We use for different applications various physical drive principles for our dynamic testing machines. Each one has its advantages and specific fields of application. We offer the best solution according to the specifications required by our customers:

  • Servo-hydraulic testing machines
  • Vibrophore 
  • High-speed testing machines

Impact Test System: We offers a comprehensive product portfolio of impact testing machines for a wide variety of applications. The impact testing machines offer a range of pendulum impact testers and drop weight testers for different applications on plastics and metals:

  • Pendulum impact testers from 5.5 to 750 joules
  • Drop weight testers up to 100,000 joules

Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution provides is specialized into providing various range of UTM for various application for various industry with wide range of speciation. Our UTM is motor-driven which is precise UTM provides very high performance, operability and safety. By expanding the guaranteed precision range to 1/2000 of full scale, a wide range of test forces can be measured with a single load cell. The autotuning function was further enhanced and strain control performance was improved. By registering the jig space using the new intelligent crosshead function, jig space can be changed via a smart controller or dedicated software, which prevents collisions between the jigs due to operating errors.

We have solution from starting range of 500N upto 600kN as standard or customzed product, which is totally based on the customer specific requirements. Those systems are Benchtop & Floor top based on the specification.

Analytical Balance
We, Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution, deals into Analytical Balance which is useful for different application. Our Weighing Scales are very precise have starting range from 120g with resolution 0.001g

For accurate measurement, those equipments are equipped with various accessories or features such as Glass Cabinet, Internal Calibration. The equipments Provides High-Speed Response and High Stability New automatic door functionality makes weighing operations even more convenient. These balances are capable of speedy measurements, with a high-speed 3 second display. They are equipped with automatic calibration for room temperature changes, and clock-CAL for calibration at pre-set times, and are capable of direct data readout to Excel and other applications. They feature highly stable performance, and are capable of highly reliable weight measurements even with extended use. Also equipped with a “smart setting” that can freely switch between responsiveness and stability during measurement, and two interfaces, RS-232C (D-sub 9P plug) and USB device (Type B). The connectivity of external devices such as PCs has been further improved.

Moisture Analyzer
Our product Digital Moisutre Analyzer is new type of moisture analyzer has been introduced. This electronic moisture analyzer is capable of performing reliable moisture content measurements quickly and easily. Simply load the sample on the pan and shut the cover to start measuring. The system can accommodate a wide range of samples, thereby contributing to heightened work efficiency.

The large sample pan backed by the unique continuous auto-taring mechanism, which delivers perfect accuracy, even to customers with high sample volumes and large quantities. Regardless of your application, the wide selection of measuring modes offers the best solution to achieve fast and accurate results. Best suitable for research laboratories, delivery inspection and in-process control.

Density Tester (Specific Gravity)
Our supplied product “Electronic Density Meter” are used in Rubber, Plastic and various composite material industries. Density measurement can be done easily, highly accurate and speedy.

Every material has different density/ specific gravity. Density measurement is very effective for checking the types and mixing ratio of materials, evaluating quality, and comparing products etc. Electronic Densimeter adopts simple testing procedure, and measurement principle. Anyone can measure the density of samples in short time without error.