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As we dedicately working for TMI field, so we introduce various kinds of Test & Measurement Equipments to meet various kind of Applications on behalf of different Manufaturers from worldwide. We are committed to our every client to provide Pre & Post Sales Support.


Our project team undertakes different type of Turnkey Solution for HVAC and Clean Room Solution (Class100- 100,000) Our dedicated Design & Project Team are well capable to execute any kind of HVAC Project from green land to firm product to meet client's requirement.



Considering complicated types of requirement arise in the Industry from time to time, we hereby brings the solution to meet such creteria. Our dedicated team gathers the complete requirement from the client and provides the Solution by designing and supply of customized Special Purpose Machine. Our experts are well capable to design & develop the system to provide suitable solution to your customize requirements.


We are happy to announce that Nanotech Soft-App IT Solution, our Sister concern Company provides various kinds of Software Solutions to various industries for different Applications. We provides technical support & consultancy to the client by offering Complete Project Solutions to meet their requirements like Web & AI Apps, CRM/ERP, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce Platform. Let's make the equipments smarter with software integrations.



As Automotive/ Automobile Industry in India is a one of largest revenue industry which involves a large scale of Engineering activities. So, we hereby provide variety of Test Solution & Capital Equipment to solve the different test requirement of the automotive manufacturers. We serves for testing of Engine, Complete Vehicle or automobile components (Carubrettor, Fuel System, vehicle Body, Electrical System etc)


One of the important industry which takes crucial role of development of any country, we are well verse to serve the same by providing Test instruments to enhance their capacity into Safe & Robust Infrastructure. We have variety of Test & Measurement instruments to do various tests of the Civil Industry to measure Strength, Load capacity & various other test parameters of the building or bridge etc.


No one can imagine a life without Power & Energy in this modern life. As Power/ energy is very common being used in every aspect but it is too important that we use Power and energy with safety. So, we serve this purpose by providing various critical test or measurement items to measure electrical parameters such as: Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Phase etc. of this sector.


We are thankful to medical & Heath care industry who are saving life of creature of this planet since many years & even this Covid-19 Pandemic era. But to do this great job, this segment needs to perform a lot of testing of various components in Medical Field. We are there to support them for research to perform their life saving activities by providing various Medical Test Equipment or Healthcare Testing Items .



Commercial Aerospace Industry or Defense Aviation is one of critical area where safety & perfection must required to provide safe experience to personnel while flying thousands of mile high than the earth. So, we plays important role in this by providing various test solutions to measure performance & reliability of Aviation Sector, ATC or Aerospace Sector. We can provide complete test solution for Aerospace Industry


For reaching excellence of any product & to meet dynamic changes as per global standards, Research & development for any organization cannot be avoid. Our product portfolio is readily available to serve you for R&D Equipment to test and measure different kinds of technical parameters by using various testing items. we serves Defense Research Center, Automotive Research Center or Electrical & Home Appliance Research Centers.

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At Nanotech we believe in honesty, integrity, accountability, and timely delivery. We are committed to offering our clients a good services experience and enhancing their business by leveraging technology, nurturing mutually beneficial partnerships . We ensure transparency of work as we believe in principles of fairness and honesty.

Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution promises to deliver the best services and solutions into standard & Customize TMI Solution, Project Solution into HVAC & Clean Room services and Software Solutions.

We continuously working towards our mission to provide our services & buildup Clientele into all industries segment that we can serve at our best level.


To be the trusted, preferred and best quick solution provider into TMI 7 project executionfield. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, value and sustainable solutions for the clients with special emphasis on quality and integrity.so that we make every customer happy in every Industry.




To become one of the best among all test and measurement companies we work extensively hard in order to achieve maximum precision in our products. No matter what your requirements are, we will always try to help you out in order to partner you to your final success. It gives us immense satisfaction to cater to the needs of ever-going development within industry. So, being a responsible test and measurement distributor we make sure that you get the best quote from us when compared to any other provide in the market.