Air Quality Test Solution

We, Nanotech Test & Measurement Solution, is leading supplier of equipments for testing of airflow, Monitoring of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), Dust Monitoring, Particle Counting, Automotive Testing and more.

By supplying such equipments, we serve HVAC, Automotive, Aerospace, Clean Room, Semi-Conductor Manufacturing, Medical, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Manufacturing and more.

HVAC Testing Instrument

It is a research purpose handheld hot-wire anemometer that provides level 2% m.v. accuracy, making this product the most accurate hot-wire airflow meter There are a lot of flexibility and options including 8 different probes types. These probes are all interchangeable and can be used with a single main unit without any additional calibration.

This series probes can measure temperature and/or humidity along with air flow along with measurement of high-velocity airflow and some are miniaturized for use in really tight spaces like those encountered when checking the cooling profile of a circuit board.

Our this product range is useful for measurement of air flow, having readability from 23~ 2530 cfm, which is measured simultaneously along with temperature, humidity and even direction of air flow.  The flow hood’s upper portion is a very transparent & durable material that allows the user to easily line the unit up with the duct time after time, and the rest of the unit is engineered to be very hearty and long lasting.  We have various sizes of hood available, so you can be sure that you won’t have a problem while moving from duct to duct for readings.

The Color Analyzer now comes with an improved minimum measurable luminance range (0.05 cd/m²) and is more durable, with service life measurement cycles of approximately 5 times that of the predecessor model. Furthermore, the new Data Management Software provides simple measurements. This is made possible by the introduction of the focus assist function, positioning assist function, and the automatic measurement area extraction function in the software. The software is also capable of measuring multiple samples simultaneously and provides evaluation results for each individual sample, resulting in greater measurement efficiency.

Ours this product is most advanced Duct Air Leakage Tester (DALT) for commercial duct systems. This product is accurate, user friendly & very simple to use. User can get test configuration of duct leakage test step-by-step and automated leakage testing based on the SMACNA HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual. This equipment is very easy to transport on its pneumatic tires and leaves little to no footprint on the job site.

The product is easy-to-use, full color HD touch screen display through which the user can follow the step-by-step ductwork leakage testing process and select from multiple choice configuration options.

The Airflow Transducer comes with analog output and smart probe technology, which helps it to integrate with other equipment. It is very easy & to change probes without recalibrating the transducer. To meet various applications, it is possible to use multiple probe options. This instrument is ideal for applications involving the need to measure or monitor air velocity over a long duration.

Indoor Air Quality Testing Instrument

Indoor Air Quality Monitor simplifies the labor involved. As this single product itself to measure various parameters such as: CO2, CO, Temperature, and Relative Humidity so it eliminates the need to purchase. This equipment also capable to calculate Dew Point, Web Bulb Temperature, Absolute Humidity, Humidity Ratio and % Outside Air. Calibration is easy and can be done by the user.

The monitor can also check CO2 levels and determine the rate of exchange, or the % of outside air, being introduced to a building per ASHRAE standard 62.

The IAQ and Gas Monitors ability to accurately test and monitor a range of gases. From schools to community groups, employers, researchers, and health and safety managers, there’s such equipment we have for handheld monitor to perfectly suit your needs.

While measuring indoor or outdoor air quality, ozone levels, or wildfire smoke, this equipment delivers reliable real-time data you can trust. A “swappable” sensor head design allows users to measure up to 30 common indoor and outdoor pollutants, removing and replacing sensors in seconds. We can measure those gases through this equipment in very less time by using relevant sensor head: Ammonia, CO, CO2, Chlorine, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen H2, Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane, Nitrogen Dioxide NO2, Ozone O3, Sulphur Dioxide SO2, VOC etc

Clean Room Monitoring Instruments

Handheld Particle Counter,, which is light weight & easy to carry, sets the standard of instrumentation IAQ investigation, filter testing, in Cleanroom monitoring and verification, data center cleaning and many more sensitive applications. Those are most highly advanced technology in the industry thrugh which we can monitor the dust particle of various size of 0.3um, 0.5um, 1um, 3um, 5um & 10um. A combination of accuracy and practicality, these devices count airborne particles with high quality performance.

The Handheld Particle Counters meet ISO 21501-4 Standard and are fully RoHS compliant.

Portable Particle are the smallest 6-channel portable particle counters in the industry which is light weight & easy to carry as well. They measure particles at 1.0 CFM (28.3 LPM) and 1.77 CFM (50 LPM with feature 0.3-micron minimum sensitivity, large color touch screens with a streamlined and user-friendly interface programmed with different standards to help guide users through the measuring and certification process.

Those equipments are fully compliant with ISA 21501-4 calibration standards and they enable you to certify cleanrooms up to ISO Class 2, ISO 14644, FS 209E, BS 5295 and EC GMP, which make the measuring process simple and offer you peace of mind when measuring for specific results.

Fume Hood Testing Instrument

It is an economical fog machine which is excellent for applications such as combine with the tracer gas testing DIF-Kit. It is very easy to use & user friendly in which a simple on-off switch (in remote control mode only) initiates a remarkably powerful blast of smoke. This equipment have 1000W heater of which gives output in this compact machine is truly remarkable.

The equipment  test standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6) is a visualization test used to determine hood ability to contain vapors. A visible smoke is introduced in a manner that is consistent in a way the hood is typically used. See ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6 for a complete description of testing procedures.

Our Testing Manikin meets the ASHRAE 110 -2016 standard. We can adjust the height and mounted on a mobile platform. The head has been modified to accept the tracer gas analyzer (Q200) probe. Kit includes a manikin with a lab coat and a stand with wheel. Ships in a hard case.

The Flow Visualization and velocity procedure test standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6) is a visualization test used to determine hood ability to contain vapors. A visible smoke is introduced in a manner that is consistent in a way the hood is typically used. See ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 section 6 for a complete description of testing procedures.

Automotive Testing Instrument

The Multichannel Anemomaster is one of the most accurate and responsive multichannel that encompasses the entire air velocity range, including the breeze speed range, this instrument provides the highest level of accuracy anemometer. It is perfect for measuring airflow in semiconductor manufacturing which measure up to 12 channels with the industry’s most accurate and smallest miniature probes and we can extend this upto 144 channels. This product is high heat resistance and temperature measurement. Due to the high portability of the main unit and the enhanced interface, this unit provides simultaneous measurement of multiple points in a shorter time, more easily, and ease of use.

The Amenity Manikin System is an optimal solution for precise interior cabin comfort evaluation. We can measure simultaneously air velocity, temperature, humidity, and radiant heat at single time, which all relate to human comfort levels. One manikin may be equipped with more than 120 sensors, providing sophisticated measurements.

Simultaneously measure with up to four manikins. Communicate and transfer data wirelessly. Includes software for both real-time measurement and data retrieval. Export data to Microsoft Excel and save graphical data for review.

The Cabin Leakage Tester helps to measure the changes in cabin pressure by pressurizes or depressurizes the automobile vehicle cabin. The control unit consists of pressure and manometer  transducers. The manometer detects the leakage flow, which is calculated by measuring the nozzle pressure relative to static pressure. The tester controls an adjustable fan to maintain static test pressure.

The Steam Generator is special product which is designed for automobile de-mister testing. This system fills the automobile cabin with steam to create a humid environment, increasing the fog that accumulates on the windshield. The de-mister can then be tested in accordance with JIS D 4502/4504-1994, ISO 3470-1989(E), EEC 661, and SAE J953 standards.

It generates up to 390g per hour, generates steam volume up to 1 gallon, and conducts tests in accordance with JIS D 4502/4504-1994, ISO 3470-1989(E), EEC 661, and SAE J953 standard.